Creative Leaf


Jennica Thurgood



Hi I'm Jennica the maker & creator behind the hand painted designs of Creative Leaf.  I’m inspired by nature and love to translate that inspiration with an array of mediums, primarily watercolor. With each piece I try my best to follow my creative intuition. 

I graduated college with a Bachelor of Integrated Studies. My degree focused on three main fields, psychology, family studies and art. I found joy in seeing how the creative mind worked for individuals. I feel as creators we are continually striving to do more, make more, and be more.

I spend my days getting lost in my paintings and exploring with my very vibrant 2 year old. I also work as an online teacher in the early mornings. I currently live in Ogden, Utah with my husband Josh and our little one, Leo.



Finding moments in our everyday life inspires me. I love to see how those moments and memories transfer to the canvas.  So much of our memories are revisited as we are experiencing our world and the way nature communicates with us. Watching a sunset and remembering who you shared it with, a favorite flower of a loved one, a tree that provided so much as you grew up, and more. 

I would love to start working with you on something special that fills your heart with peace and light. Send me message and I’ll send you more information on how we can work together. 

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